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Law Suit Management

In this project we developed complete Lightning App for LA County Public Defenders. The project was to replace all the on-paper processes with an online automatic processing system.

For evidences and other documents, we utilized FTP servers and integrated Open Text with Salesforce a proper File System UI. The Lightning allows Lead Attorneys to schedule hearing events and the Salesforce automatically routes the cases to that specific court location and sends reminder mails and updates.

The App featured Case Assignment and Reassignment Functionality, also had a Court Schedule Matrix to create hearing events for Courts and assign attorneys to the cases.


The main challenge was to implement all the on-hand processes in an online system from where all the process can take place automatically and reduce usage of papers as it was getting really difficult for them to maintain each and every paper for one specific case and likewise for all of the cases.


We utilized Salesforce’s Lightning platform to implement all the on-paper process and utilized Open Text for maintaining all the papers, reports and evidences related to the cases. The Lightning platform was chosen as UI was appealing and light weight in processing. The complex logics were written for implementing the process which the Public Defender’s office follows in a case lifecycle. Also, sleek and user-friendly design were made in Lightning to give an easy to work experience with the System.

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