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Dynamic Charting for Sales Reps

In this project we had a challenge of creating a custom dashboard for the client to have an overview of the sales activities by the Sales Reps.

Also, to integrate Google Calendar with the salesforce so that the Sales Reps can associate their meetings with the Opportunities in Salesforce. We utilized the Highchart's graphs and jqxGrid's table for dynamic charts and tables and completed with the Dashboard.

Also, we have created the complete Dashboard package and uploaded on the Appexchange.


- Creation of charts which are completely dynamic, and user can anytime change the type of graph or the object or any field of the object to have a different view of the graph.

- Creation of tables which are dynamic, and user can anytime change the fields and filter condition for the data.

- Integration of Google Calendar with Salesforce and association of the events with the Opportunity in Salesforce.

- Package creation and upload on Appexchange.


- We utilized Highchart's Charts to implement the dynamic charts with different types like Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Heat Chart, etc.

- We utilized the jqxGrid Tables for creating dynamic Tables.

- We used custom logic and code to integrate Salesforce with Google.

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