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ERP for Sales and Service Management

The project was developed to help the routing process of opportunities and cases to the Sales and Service Reps. In this the frontend was built on Heroku using Node.js and the backend processing was done in Salesforce.

We integrated the Heroku with Salesforce and used the Round Robin routing algorithm to route the cases to the Case Team members and leads to the Sales Reps. The integration was through the Connected App and using the Apex Rest APIs.

Through which the Node.js was calling Salesforce endpoints and sends the data to Salesforce and Salesforce process it as required and sends back the response after processing.


- Integrate the Salesforce with Heroku App.

- Implementation of complex and optimal logic for case and lead routing.

- Communication between the Heroku and Salesforce.

- After processing sending back the proper response and updating all the states after successful completion of the process.


- Integration of Salesforce and Heroku App was done using the Connected App feature. With which all the Salesforce Rest Resources were open to the Heroku App with which Heroku app sends data to Salesforce processing and Salesforce process the data and sends back the response.

- The implementation of the Complex and optimal logic for Case and Lead routing was done using the Round Robin Algorithm and the Factory Pattern and Singleton Design Patterns.

- For Communication of Heroku and Salesforce we used the Apex Rest APIs and did all the processing at Salesforce End.

- We utilized JSON for the request and response for Apex Rest APIs.

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