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Energy Efficient Products and Services

This project mainly focuses on helping the US residents to have Energy Efficient homes with their offers on the products which makes your home more energy efficient and reduces your monthly billing cost.

In this the Customers can apply for coupons and rebates online for the getting benefits on purchase of the products for their home. Community portals were developed for the customers and Trade Allies.

Also, the Custom Field Tool was implemented for Trade Ally to provide Energy Efficient Electricity Services. There was integration with Boomi as well to load data from External Systems.


- Implementation of Community Portals for different Programs.

- Integration of Boomi Processes for Data loading.

- Working in Sync with Joomla and .net sites of different programs and maintaining seamless user experience.


- Utilized Salesforce Sites for creating portals for different Programs, their customers and their Trade Allies.

- Integrated Boomi load processing at Salesforce ends and used triggers, batch processes and workflows to run the complex logics for processing of the data.

- Maintained session ids, measure ids, return URLs and other integration stuffs using the custom settings, visual force pages and apex controllers.

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